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We will soon be offering webinars on cannabidiol (CBD) for horses.

This is something every horse owner should take part in, especially if your horse could benefit from additional care with CBD. CBD is a natural substance that has a positive effect on the body and increases well-being. This improves the overall health of your horse.

CBD is still a new trend with many misconceptions about its efficacy, safety and use in competition. Trying to make your way through the wealth of information can be daunting. Our goal is to provide owners/therapists/veterinarians with unbiased and sound information.

With her knowledge based on more than a decade of research and experience, Adrienne is well equipped to answer your questions and offer help for many horses.

If you are a therapist or a dedicated owner, you should definitely join our free webinars.

Because you love your horse!

CBD applications for horses:

CBD Basics for horse owners:

Adrienne is also a cannabidiol (CBD) advocate and is passionate about advising horse owners on how to make the best choices for their beloved horses. 'CBD for Horses - What You Should Know' is a talk that all horse owners should attend.  Here Adrienne explains the facts about CBD, how CBD works in the body and how it can help with various musculoskeletal health conditions. Using scientific research and real-life case studies, Adrienne shows how and when CBD is beneficial. Her aim is to raise awareness of CBD and overcome misconceptions about CBD.

Adrienne Tomkinson

ImPuls Methode, we have a holistic physiotherapeutic approach to health and wellbeing in horses. Through treatments, consultations and courses we support owners and horses in achieving their performance goals. Natural remedies mean no unhealthy risks whilst successfully boosting the body's own self-healing process. Our new product 'Balance Plus CBD Gel for Horses', is the first in our developing range of CBD Products. With Balance Plus, your horse is soon feeling good again, naturally.