About Adrienne

Adrienne's experience began in her childhood when she was born and raised in horse-crazy Australia, where she had many horses of her own. So her lifelong experience with horses began over 40 years ago. This led her to professional qualifications in Equine Massage Therapy, Equine Sports Therapy and Equine Veterinary Nursing in Australia. Her other knowledge and experience includes small courses such as Bowen Technique, Myfascial Release, Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy, Charkra Balancing and other various energetic methods.

For over 30 years, Adrienne has begun to combine various concepts into a holistic approach. Adrienne has dedicated her entire professional life to the care and training of horses and thus developed the ImPuls Method Bodywork. She is the founder of the ImPuls Method, which incorporates all her personal and professional experience in the field of manual therapy/bodywork for horses, sports conditioning, training, competition, breeding and horse care.

The ImPuls method developed by her ideally combines the 3 elements of efficient bodywork - manual therapy, energetics and active gymnastics. The aim is to release tension and blockages, build up muscle function and restore balance in order to improve the horse's health, well-being and performance.

Her interest and experience with CBD goes back more than 13 years when she learnt first-hand how CBD helped a family member with a neuromuscular disorder. Since then, she has used it in conjunction with bodywork and active exercise to enhance its effects. The result of her many years of research and development is Balance Plus CBD Gel for horses, which ideally complements any form of equine care and therapy. It was important to her to create an effective product that can be used by everyone from owners to vets. The gel, which has been specially developed for the horse's musculoskeletal system, promotes self-healing powers and thus creates additional quality time for horse and rider.

Since moving to Innsbruck in 2015, she has successfully applied the holistic method with many satisfied horse and stud owners in the DACH region and passes on her knowledge and techniques in various webinars and courses. Adrienne runs the ImPuls method internationally and regularly runs courses for qualified therapists with her innovative modules of active gymnastics and bodywork hand techniques.

Adrienne still treats horses, which is her greatest passion, working with owners and their beloved horses. Her area of activity mainly covers Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Her experience is in demand in all equestrian disciplines. Her clients include well-known participants in top international events (western, dressage, racing) as well as pure leisure horses.