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You may be wondering why you should try CBD for your horse. So many people use CBD as a natural remedy for minor health ailments. CBD is notoriously expensive, but let's face it, anything to do with horses is expensive. So why CBD and is it worth the cost? 

If you have not yet read our blogs on cannabiniol and the endocannabinoid system, we recommend you do so first. They can be found at As mentioned in our blogs, the ECS plays an important role in the regulation and communication of cells in the body. Endocannabinoids (eCBs) are naturally produced by the body in response to external factors to trigger a reaction, such as when an injury occurs, to relieve pain and send cells to regenerate the area. 

The body needs eCBs to send a signal to the body to make the necessary changes - this is called cell communication. As the body needs to produce eCBs itself, many elements can influence how much is produced or not. Similar to taking extra vitamins, such as vitamin C when you have a cold, the body can benefit greatly from supplementing the ECS with extra CBD.

So if your horse has a general feeling that it is "not quite  is "quite alright", CBD could be worth a try. It is often difficult and expensive to get a diagnosis from a vet for common but minor ailments. Or perhaps your horse has an injury or ailment and taking CBD could help relieve the associated pain and inflammation? In any case, we recommend consulting a vet before administering CBD. More and more vets are open to the use of CBD as a dietary supplement to help the body regain its optimal state of health.

The fact that CBD is found in nature and that the bodies of humans and animals also produce eCBs suggests that a naturally occurring substance is definitely worth the cost. It is not about replacing medical care or medication, but about supporting the body in making itself healthy again - or healing itself. 

CBD has not been thoroughly researched, nor has it been confirmed as a medical treatment. There are preliminary studies that suggest CBD can help with many conditions, from arthritis, swelling, tension to unspecified behavioural issues. The good news is that scientists are continually researching the benefits of CBD, and after the initial studies, there is reason to believe that CBD may be worth the cost to support your horse's well-being.

We at ImPuls Methode are very excited about the advent of CBD for horses and want to provide you with reliable facts. Follow ImPuls Methode or visit our website: for the latest information and tips for you and your horse.

Please note - ImPuls method is not an alternative to veterinary treatment, but a supplement. We recommend consulting your vet in all cases of uncertainty.

Adrienne Tomkinson

ImPuls Methode, we have a holistic physiotherapeutic approach to health and wellbeing in horses. Through treatments, consultations and courses we support owners and horses in achieving their performance goals. Natural remedies mean no unhealthy risks whilst successfully boosting the body's own self-healing process. Our new product 'Balance Plus CBD Gel for Horses', is the first in our developing range of CBD Products. With Balance Plus, your horse is soon feeling good again, naturally.