Tamacan XL full spectrum gold cannabis extract (CBD 55%) for dogs & large animals*

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Full spectrum gold cannabis extract paste (CBD 55%) for dogs & large animals*

Sometimes we need higher concentrations to help our pets feel better and return to their natural balance. TAMACAN XL as a CBD paste with 55% CBD has proven to be ideal for this thanks to its very high intensity. If you want to support your four-legged friend with the true strength of the hemp plant, TAMACAN XL is ideal.


  1. Unscrew the sealing cap anti-clockwise
  2. Press the syringe to squeeze out the paste.
  3. Dosage according to the recommendation of your HEROSAN partner**
  4. After using the product, clean the thread and the syringe with a clean and dust-free cloth
  5. Screw the cap back onto the syringe in a clockwise direction

*except food-producing animals, doping-relevant!
**0.1ml corresponds to 50 mg CBD

Animal care product

TAMACAN CBD oil CBD paste CBD cream Cover photo with horse

Our study carried out with the Free University of Berlin on horses produced the following result with regard to doping relevance. This concerns the TAMACAN XL paste and cannot be applied to other manufacturers. In this respect, other manufacturers would also have to carry out such a study in order to be able to clearly prove the doping relevance of their products.

After regular administration of CBD-containing paste (dose: 3 mg/kg) twice daily for a fortnight, CBD residues could still be detected in the blood (1.9 (0.5) ng/mL) and urine (7.0 (6.4) ng/mL) of horses 84 hours after the last paste administration.


Additional information

TAMACAN XL - 5 ml CBD paste

Full spectrum gold cannabis extract

CBD 2750mg
0.1ml corresponds to 50mg CBD

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