Balance Plus CBD Bodywork Gel

89.00 incl. VAT.


✔︎ Maximum CBD effect

✔︎ Versatile natural ingredients

✔︎ Residue-free and kind to the skin

✔︎ Quick and easy to use

✔︎ 6mg per pump for correct dosage

contains 300mg Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (<0.1% THC)



Maximum CBD effect

Balance Plus can be applied directly to joints, muscles and tendons and has a lasting effect on the affected areas

Natural ingredients

High-quality essential oils and magnesium salts dissolved in pure spring water promote blood circulation and have a cooling effect.

Residue-free and kind to the skin

The fragrant gel does not run, does not need to be washed off and is 100% skin-friendly

Quick and easy to use

One pump for a problem area the size of the palm of your hand, massage in for 1-2 minutes - done!

Balance Plus CBD Gel
Because you love your horse.

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For the musculoskeletal system of sport horses

The musculoskeletal system of sport horses is put under a lot of strain right from the start during training and competition. Various exercises and manual therapies help to alleviate pain, relieve tension and blockages and prevent inflammation and arthrosis.

Specially developed for the musculoskeletal system of horses as a massage gel with CBD in crystalline form, it can be applied in concentrated form directly to the affected areas, unlike CBD oils or other dietary supplements.

It is more efficient and versatile than other creams, ointments or compresses for this area of application and is also easy to use.

In addition to broad-spectrum cannabidiol, the natural product contains essential oils and magnesium salts, is skin-friendly and, with a THC concentration of <0.1%, complies with the relevant regulations.

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In my almost 40 years of practice as an equine vet, I have never met anyone who supports my treatments as well as Adrienne. Because of her knowledge, her experience and her great passion for horses, I trust in the new massage gel with CBD - an active ingredient that is already being used successfully in equine therapy.

Dr Josef Kössler - Specialist veterinarian for horses (FEI), chiropractor (IAVC), Tyrol ARecommends Balance Plus CBD Gel

I have been riding for over 30 years now. My Friesian gelding, Jenneke, is trained and successful in dressage up to advanced (S) level. After a damaged fetlock and the prescribed rest in the stables, all signs of the horse came to a standstill from one day to the next. Jenneke was treated using the ImPuls method. Adrienne recommended the CBD gel "Balance Plus" to me during the first treatment and I was immediately impressed. I was particularly impressed by the immediate effect the gel had when I rubbed it in. After just a short time, there was a clear improvement in the affected area and the swelling went down. The subsequent ultrasound also showed an improvement. The naturalness, the texture, the good tolerance and above all the effect convinced me, which is why we now share the gel!

Iris Ericher, S level dressage rider and horse owner 30 years, Tyrol ARecommends Balance Plus CBD Gel

It's fun every day to see how well Percy is doing. Not only is it possible to keep him like this, but Adrienne from ImPuls Methode also gives us the opportunity to counteract tension directly and support Percy in building and maintaining his muscles. Her active gymnastics and the CBD play a supporting role here. CBD doesn't just help Percy with muscle tension, it has also helped me get over the odd sore muscle 😅.

Bettina Wippich, rider and horse owner 20 years old, Vorarlberg ARecommends Balance Plus CBD Gel

I bought the gel at a trade fair for my PSSM horse. Although I had also seen an improvement with feed, there was always localised muscle tension. With Balance Plus I can treat the area very well. I just order it online as my horse keeps needing it and I am delighted with the product.

Julia Peterseil, horse owner of PSSM horse

Additional information

Weight 0.089 kg
Dimensions 4.75 × 9.73 cm

Apply 1 pump (=1ml) of Balance Plus to the affected muscle or joint/tendon and massage in well for about 2 minutes. For acute or persistent complaints, apply 2-4 times a day for several days, then 1 application a day is sufficient.

CBD in crystalline form

Pure Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol in crystalline form penetrates the skin faster and has a more lasting effect on the affected areas. The mixture with magnesium salts ensures that the CBD is absorbed through the skin, as MgSO4 is a known carrier.

Correct dosage

With 6 mg of CBD per pump, it's easy to find the right dosage. Scientific research on transdermal CBD shows that 6 mg is the optimal dose for a palm-sized area, no more and no less.
It makes more sense to increase the frequency of application than the quantity per application.

(*Transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and pain-related behaviours in a rat model of arthritis. D.C. Hammell et al.)


Water, Magnesium Sulfate, Maris Sal, Pentylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Cannabidiol (Broad Spectrum ≤0.1% THC), Essential Oils (Eucalypt, Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint, Rosemary, Basil, Orange)


Cannabidiol (CBD) is doping. When used externally, cannabidiol is no longer detectable in the body after 2-3 days.
Each horse is individual, so the corresponding periods may vary slightly.


We ship to most countries and delivery times for deliveries within Austria are between 2-4 days. Please allow up to 10 days delivery for countries within Europe and up to 21 days for countries outside Europe.
Please check whether you are authorised to import CBD products into your country.

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