Most people ask: "What exactly is energy equalisation?" and "Why should this help me/my horse?

Energy balancing is an esoteric practice and deals with the energy associated with emotions or feelings of well-being. Blockages of the energy body can be associated with emotions such as stress, anxiety or experiences related to trauma such as injury and pain. Blockages that manifest in the energy body can be transferred to the physical body. And vice versa.

By balancing the energy body, often referred to as the aura, the blockages can be released. This helps your horse to overcome its problems. Depending on individual needs, various energy balancing techniques are combined.

Energy balancing can be performed as a separate routine. The best results are achieved when energy balancing is combined with bodywork to achieve a healing effect by ensuring that blockages in the physical and energetic body are released simultaneously.

"In my almost 40 years of practice as an equine vet, I have never met anyone who supports my treatments as well as Adrienne, and because of her knowledge, her experience and her great passion for horses, I trust in the new massage gel with CBD - an active ingredient that is already used successfully in equine therapy in many ways."

Dr med. vet. Josef KösslerSpecialist vet for horses (FEI), chiropractor (IAVC), Tyrol A

Unfortunately it happened that after a farrier change my horses were shod incorrectly for two years.
This has caused a lot of tension and blockages to build up in my horses throughout their bodies, despite solid and very fine riding.
It is incredible what Mrs Tomkinson has achieved with her eye, expertise and hands. Simply great. The horses are almost equally relaxed again on both sides, want to work again, have fun again. She knows her trade, THANK YOU !!!
Not forgetting the CBD gel. You only need a very small amount, no oil stains form, it is really absorbed and does its job.
Thanks to Mrs Tomkinson's expert instructions on exactly where and how to rub it in, the effect is perfect.

Bruno Holzknecht and Captain WinnyShow jumping and dressage rider, state-certified professional rider