Tamacan Pet Cream care cream for animals with CBD and honey

29.90 incl. VAT.

The CBD care cream for animals offers a true variety of possibilities. TAMACAN Pet Cream supports stressed skin areas with the power of nature.

The moisturising TAMACAN Pet Cream is ideal for daily use. It has a moisturising effect and can support the regeneration of the skin, for calluses, skin irritations or for paw care.

Application: Before use, clean the affected skin area and, if necessary, remove any unwanted fur. TAMACAN Pet Cream can be applied several times a day.

  • Shelf life 12 months after opening
  • Storage instructions: Store in a cool and dry place
  • Important note: Keep away from children

Animal care

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Additional information

30 ml

CBD care cream for animals with valuable ingredients such as hemp oil, CBD, honey, olive oil, propolis, dragon's blood, zinc and beeswax.
- Pads/paw care
- Lying calluses
- Sunburn
- Post-wound treatment
- Places with itching
- Abrasions

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