ImPuls Methode is a recognised brand for professional quality knowledge and ethics in working with horses. 

Our aim is to offer the best service in order to fulfil the high expectations of our customers. 

Our clients expect results that only a certified bodyworker using the ImPuls method (= "IM Bodyworker") can achieve. Many years of experience and continuous learning ensure that "ImPuls Method Bodyworker" Help you and your horse achieve unprecedented levels of well-being and performance.

Only those who have successfully completed the diploma may use the title "ImPuls method horses bodyworker" use. This title is awarded when the stringent knowledge and practical experience requirements set by ImPuls Methode are met. The diploma graduates have intensively learnt their exceptional skills and have demonstrated them by successfully passing the commission examination. 

All our certified bodyworkers are listed on this website. The list is constantly updated as motivated and talented people complete the diploma training and achieve certified status.

For more information on how to "ImPuls method horses bodyworker" click here:


Diploma graduates 2021/22

Congratulations to Tatjana Märki and Manuela Stenzel on successfully completing the "ImPuls Method Equine Bodyworker" diploma course! We wish them all the best for their future as independent "ImPuls Method Equine Bodyworkers".

Tatjana lives in Switzerland and looks after customers in eastern Switzerland and Vorarlberg.

Contact details:

Tatjana Märki
ImPuls method horses bodyworker
T: +41 76 365 45 97




Manuela lives in Merano and is at your disposal for the South Tyrol area.

Contact details:

Manuela Stenzel
ImPuls method horses bodyworker
T: +39 347 487 6405







Diploma graduates 2019

We congratulate Barbara Wachter on being the first successful graduate of the diploma course for "ImPuls method horses bodyworker" ! We wish her all the best for her future as an independent "ImPuls Method Bodyworker for Horses". Barbara is available for you and your horse in the Salzburg and Munich area.

Mrs Barbara Wachter
ImPuls method horses bodyworker