Bodywork is like a massage, only better. In traditional massage, the focus is either on muscles, joints or fascia - such as in sports massage, shiatsu or myofascial release. We have developed a new hand technique that is used during our bodywork sessions. Our ImPuls Method routine targets all of the above areas. It is a soft and gentle method that nevertheless manages to have an effect on all levels - releasing tension, promoting blood circulation, improving ROM (range of motion) and restarting the body's own self-healing process.

We recommend regular sessions. When muscle tension is released in the long term, the skeleton returns to its original state in most cases. This state of health must then be maintained.

In complicated cases, we ask for a veterinary diagnosis before the first appointment so that we can ensure that we find the best solution for your horse.

ImPuls Method Bodywork is an addition to your horse's healthcare team. We enjoy working closely with vets, chiropractors, farriers, saddlers and riding instructors. Only when your horse feels its best can it perform at its best!

ImPuls Method Bodywork sessions can be enhanced by incorporating our other modules (energy balancing, active gymnastics exercises)!

"In my almost 40 years of practice as an equine vet, I have never met anyone who supports my treatments as well as Adrienne, and because of her knowledge, her experience and her great passion for horses, I trust in the new massage gel with CBD - an active ingredient that is already used successfully in equine therapy in many ways."

Dr med. vet. Josef KösslerSpecialist vet for horses (FEI), chiropractor (IAVC), Tyrol A

Unfortunately it happened that after a farrier change my horses were shod incorrectly for two years.
This has caused a lot of tension and blockages to build up in my horses throughout their bodies, despite solid and very fine riding.
It is incredible what Mrs Tomkinson has achieved with her eye, expertise and hands. Simply great. The horses are almost equally relaxed again on both sides, want to work again, have fun again. She knows her trade, THANK YOU !!!
Not forgetting the CBD gel. You only need a very small amount, no oil stains form, it is really absorbed and does its job.
Thanks to Mrs Tomkinson's expert instructions on exactly where and how to rub it in, the effect is perfect.

Bruno Holzknecht and Captain WinnyShow jumping and dressage rider, state-certified professional rider